Physiotherapy Shrewsbury Shropshire
Physiotherapy Shrewsbury Shropshire
Physiotherapy Shrewsbury Shropshire
Physiotherapy Shrewsbury Shropshire
Physiotherapy Shrewsbury Shropshire
Physiotherapy Shrewsbury Shropshire
Physiotherapy Shrewsbury Shropshire














Physiotherapy in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Physiotherapy & Orthotics 


Shrewsbury physiotherapy and orthotics, Physiotherapy in Shrewsbury


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Welcome to Shrewsbury Physiotherapy & Orthotics. We specialise in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and the improvement of performance. We treat everything from back and neck pain, to tennis elbow and heel pain, hip replacements to ligament reconstructions, and everything in between. It is our mission to get you better as quickly and safely as possible, and we will draw upon our extensive knowledge of physiotherapy and podiatry to help you improve your day to day living. If you are suffering from muscular, joint or foot pain, please get in touch to find out how physiotherapy and podiatry in Shrewsbury can help you.




Physiotherapy in Shrewsbury


Physiotherapy is the rehabilitation of your joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves and connective tissue. If you have any kind of sports injury, ligament and muscle strain or back and neck pain, specialist physiotherapy will help you to manage and improve these conditions. We can draw upon our specialised knowledge of the body's mechanics to understand your condition, how it arose and the best way to treat it. Click here to learn more. 

Podiatry and Orthotics in Shrewsbury

Podiatry & Orthotics

Podiatry is the treatment of foot pain and problems occurring in the lower limbs, below the knee. Orthotics aims to improve disorders in the musculoskeletal system through specialist orthotic devices (shoe inserts). We have helped many patients over the years and offer a package that includes follow up consultations and free orthotic adjustment within a 4 month period.. Find out more about our podiatry and orthotic service here.

Gail analysis and Sports physiotherapy in Shrewsbury. The sports Clinic

Sports Physiotherapy and Gait Analysis at the Sports Clinic 

Working with athletes, performing artists, marathon runners and not forgetting the weekend warrior has provided us with in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing sportsmen and women. We will help you to return to normal fitness as quickly as possible with a specialist recovery programme that is tailored to your body. We believe prevention is preferable to cure and we encourage early screenings that will identify issues before they lead to major injuries.
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Shrewsbury Physiotherapy & Orthotics


Physiotherapy and Podiatry

We are dual practitioners in both physiotherapy and podiatry. We offer Chartered physiotherapy which means we belong to The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, the professional body for physiotherapists. If you have foot or leg pain relating to your biomechanics and foot structure, you would normally need to see two separate specialists. Our qualifications and experience in both fields mean that you only need to see one specialist here at Shrewsbury Physiotherapy & Orthotics. We can get to the cause of your pain efficiently, cost effectively and without needing to refer you on. If your problems are in the back or upper limb we have years of experience and great gym facilities for getting you better faster using only research based methods and treatments.



Our fully equipped clinic is located in the lovely village of Harmer Hill at a private residence set in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, centrally located and easily accessible from central Shrewsbury (12 mins), Wem (6 mins), Ellesmere (18 mins ), Whitchurch and Oswestry (25mins). Toilet facilities are available.

New Developments

Physiotherapy, like many specialisms in medicine is constantly changing and adapting. We are committed to keeping up to date with the latest developments, ensuring that you will always receive treatment that is current, innovative and effective.









Our Location 

The Shrewsbury Physiotherapy and Orthotics Clinic is located just North of Shrewsbury at Harmer Hill which has great links to Ellesmere, Wem, Baschurch and Whitchurch. We have a ground-floor private clinic with views over meadows. There is plentiful parking right outside the clinic.  If you are looking for podiatry and physiotherapy in Shrewsbury and Shropshire, please get in touch to book your consultation.

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Mrs. L. Lawrenson

Jenny, can't thank you enough for your help with inserts. Hardly any pain ever. And able to walk with very little pain!! Such a relief. Thank you. 


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To book your appointment for physiotherapy in Shrewsbury and Shropshire, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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 Physiotherapy in Shrewsbury

 Physiotherapy in Shrewsbury


 Physiotherapy in Shrewsbury

 Physiotherapy in Shrewsbury

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