Heel Pain: Our Online Therapy 



Your Virtual Physiotherapist & Virtual Podiatrist

During these unprecedented times we have devised a method to allow us to virtually prescribe treatment for patients online. 

  • Online assessment
  • Diagnosis and a written report.
  • Virtual telehealth appointment if required
  • Recommendations for self-treatment
  • Sales of physiotherapy and podiatry supplies for your therapy.

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Innovation Online

One of the positive aspects of the Corona Pandemic is that people are exercising more. For people that do not regularly exercise or who have chronic heel pain, this can be a problem. Our Physiotherapist and Podiatrist are highly experienced and have devised programes to help with heel pain. They have a special interest in the foot and ankle so can be very specific in treating your foot fast and accurately.

Additional services 

  • Exercise programes
  • Physiotherapy supplies
  • Taping advice and training
  • Therapeutic insole or orthotic advice
  • General advice.


Physiotherapy in Shrewsbury  and Shropshire 

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 Physiotherapy in Shrewsbury  and Shropshire



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Physiotherapy in Shrewsbury  and Shropshire


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